Create your testimony by learning the value of a personal testimony and what makes a personal testimony effective. Building on three words, you will be able to share what your life was like before you trusted Christ, how you came to understand the gospel, and what your new life in Christ is like. A perfect training tool for luncheons, Sunday School and Outreach Youth Teams that will enable you to share your testimony in three minutes or less. 45 minutes No Cost

This workshop is designed to teach you how to share the gospel while painting faces. Great for VBS, camp, fall festivals, etc. No artistic skill required. I Hour No Cost

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"What frightens you the most when you contemplate sharing the gospel?" If one of your answers includes, "I'm afraid I will not be able to answer people's questions and objections," then this seminar is for you! Teach your Small Group, Mission Team or study group how to think and respond to several common questions and objections you will probably hear as you share the gospel. 45 minutes No Cost

A quick workshop designed to teach you how to share the gospel using just one verse. Great for youth, Sunday School, mission groups, etc. 15 minutes No Cost

Most believers admit that they do not speak to others about Christ with any consistency. Ask the question, "Why don't you?" and they will answer in one word – FEAR! This seminar focuses on the four items that frighten us in a "problem" and "solution" format. A perfect training tool for luncheons, Youth, Sunday School, and Outreach Teams. 45 minutes No Cost

Pressed for time? The You Can Tell It! Mini-Seminar equips you with a clear and simple method for sharing Christ with confidence. In three sessions you will learn the "What", and "How" of sharing the gospel in addition to ways you can enhance your effectiveness in evangelism. Seminar contents include a biblical study on the gospel, saving faith, prayer in evangelism, and a basic theology of evangelism. A perfect training curriculum for Sunday School, Small Groups, Mission Trips, Prison Ministries, Outreach Teams, and more! 
2 hours with workbook No Cost